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Accessing Antiviral Treatment for FIP

Access to the various anti-viral compounds that are used to treat FIP varies by country, and in some cases must be sourced by owners rather than the veterinarian.  This list attempts to gather info on access via veterinary channels, as well as the most reliable resources to help owners source medications and differentiate quality of suppliers.  This page also provides cost estimates, although costs vary by location, supplier and over time.

From time to time there may also be studies or trials available which may provide access to treatment.



United States

Starting June 1, compounded GS-441524 (50 mg quad-scored tablets) will be available from Stokes Pharmacy.  Additional resources are available here:

Canada, United Kingdom & Australia

In the United Kingdom and Australia, GS-441524 is available in tablet form as an extemporaneous preparation from specials compounder BOVA.


Although unavailable through veterinary channels, a number of cat owner groups exist on Facebook who can provide information on sources of GS-441524.


United States

Remdesivir is FDA approved for use in humans for COVID19, making it legal to prescribe off-label.  Unfortunately, however, there are currently no vet distributors currently carrying it and it is not generally available through outpatient pharmacies.

It may be possible to legally import Remdesivir from other countries under the FDA Personal Importation Policy (PIP). Unfortunately however, the approval timeline can take up to 10 days, and this policy prohibits importation for stocking or resale, making the timeline for obtaining it impractical for many cats.

Canada, United Kingdom & Australia

In the United Kingdom and Australia, Remdesivir is available as an extemporaneous preparation from specials compounder BOVA.


Remdesivir has been approved for human use in over 50 countries, including Australia, India, United Arab Emirates, Argentina, Japan, Canada, Lebanon, Russia, Great Britain, European Union (about 30 countries), United States of America, Brazil, Israel, Guatemala, Qatar, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Kuwait, Hong Kong, Turkey, Switzerland, Singapore, Bahrain, Mexico, Jordan, and Taiwan.  Although there are no specific veterinary channels, in some countries, such as Bangladesh, India, Iraq, etc it appears that it can be accessed fairly easily by veterinarians, while in other countries access remains restricted.


GC376 is being developed to be brought to market for treatment of FIP by Anivive Lifesciences. They have submitted a Reasonable Expectation of Effectiveness section to the FDA-CVM. 

Although there is no legal veterinary channel to obtain GC376,it has been obtained from sellers in China by cat owners.  For more information on reliability of these sources please email


Molnupiravir has been approved for conditional use in some countries, although currently there is no known channel for veterinary access.  In the US however, it is becoming available at some outpatient pharmacies for COVID19, which may provide a means of access.  Additionally some cat owners have obtained Molnupiravir from suppliers in China. This is a rapidly evolving situation, for more detailed information please email

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