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Best Practices for Monitoring


A CBC and chemistry panel (at minimum including glucose, creatinine, BUN, albumin, globulin, ALT, ALP and total bilirubin) is recommended every 4- 6 weeks to monitor the progress of recovery during treatment.  Other panels may be added if there is suspicion of a secondary illness.  A FCOV titer is NOT necessary or recommended.


If clients have financial constraints and there is a positive clinical response to treatment then the clients may elect to forego some or all of the monitoring bloodwork as it is unlikely to change the outcome.

Weight checks and dosage adjustments

It is recommended that the cat be weighed at least weekly and dosage adjusted for weight gain.  This is particularly important as some cats may double or triple in weight because of significant weight loss prior to treatment or growth spurts.

Treatment Administration

Failure to reliably and regularly administer treatment, whether injections or pills is a common cause of treatment complication and failure.  It is important when talking with owners to emphasize the importance of adhering to a treatment schedule, and verifying that doses have successfully been administered to owners.

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